Training Policy

Every new user of the NMR Facility must complete the initial NMR training session before using any of the NMR instruments, regardless of past NMR experience. The advanced technique-specific trainings are optional.

Training sessions are conducted by Viswanathan Elumalai. The best way to request a training session is by email ( No special preparation for training is required of the user; all training materials will be provided.

Initial Training

The initial training session is intended to familiarize the user with running 1D experiments on the NMR Facility's 300, 400, and 500MHz instruments. This session usually takes a little more than an hour to complete.

Topics covered during the initial training include:

  • Magnet safety
  • NMR Sample preparation and handling
  • Set-up and acquisition of the 1H, 13C, and DEPT-135 experiments
  • Automatic shimming
  • Basic 1D processing, including spectrum phasing, referencing, integration, and peak picking
  • Use of the plot layout editor

After the training is completed, the user will be issued a self-test to complete independently. Once the self-test has been completed and submitted, they will be issued an account with the FACES online scheduling system.

After the self-test is completed, the advanced training may be requested.

2D NMR Training

This training familiarizes the user with some basic 2D experiments. It usually requires 45 minutes to complete. Topics covered include:

  • Basic principles and terminology of 2D experiments
  • Set-up, acquisition and processing of COSY, HMQC, and HMBC experiments
  • Plotting 2D experiments

Variable-Temperature Training

This training session covers the operation of the variable temperature unit. It usually requires 20 minutes to complete. Topics covered in this training include:

  • Use of the "edte" temperature control interface
  • Shimming at high temperature
  • Safe temperature limits of the NMR instruments and NMR samples

Training in Other Techniques

In addition to the techniques listed above, the NMR facility staff may be able to provide advice or training in performing other experiments that are within the capabilities of our instruments. In the case of experiments that present a risk of damage to the instrument (for example, very low-temperature studies), it might be required that the user only perform an experiment with staff supervision

High-Field Instrument (600 MHz and 700 MHz) Authorization

New users are not authorized to use the facility's 600 or 700MHz instruments by default. Access must be requested from the NMR staff on an individual basis. This policy is to prevent inexperienced users from damaging the instruments, as well as to ensure that time on these instruments is reserved for those whose projects require these instruments' capabilities.

Access to the 600 will be granted on the basis of the user's experience and the necessity of a high-field to their NMR experiments.

Please note that at the present time, there is a limit of two users accounts per research group for the 700MHz. If your group is already at the two-user maximum and you would like to run a sample on the 700, you will either need to arrange for an existing 700 user to run it for you, or make arrangements with the facility staff to run the sample.