Instrument: Thermo Scientific Q-Exactive Oribtrap


Mass Spectrometry


450 Chevron Science Center



Ionization: ESI Pos & Neg, APCI Pos & Neg and Atmospheric Pressure Photo ionization (APPI, Pos & Neg)
Mass range: m/z 50-6000 (M.wt up to 80KDa of protein/peptide)
Resolution: 140,000 FWHM @ m/z 200 / < 1 ppm error (Internal calibration) and < 3 ppm (External calib)
Inlet System: Dionex Ultimate 3000 (RSLC)
Analytes: Organic and Bio-organic compounds/Polar and Non polar compounds, Proteomic and Metabolomic samples
Software: Xcaliber 2.1, Proteome Discoverer 1.3, Mass Frontier 7.0, MetWorks 1.3sp1, Seive 2.0 and Protein Deconvolution 3.0