Instrument: TA Instruments Q800 Dynamic Mechancial Analyser


Physical and Mechanical Property Analysis


311 Chevron Science Center



The TA Instruments Q800 dynamic mechanical analyzer (DMA) is used to measure the viscoelastic properties of solids such as polymers and alloys. The instrument functions by applying a sinusoidal force to the sample in a temperature controlled furnace and measuring the sample's response. Typical applications include measurement of glass transitions, the measurement of storage moduli in polymers, the measurement of thermal creep, measurement of yield point, the study of curing processes in thermosetting materials, and the measurement of relaxation processes. The Q800 can measure forces from 0.0001 to 18 N with a resolution of 0.00001 N in the frequency range of 0.01 to 200 Hz from -150oC tot 600oC. Samples holders available include two/three point cantilever, compression, and tension/fiber holders. The instrument is equipped with a liquid nitrogen gas cooling accessory for low temperature operation.