Instrument: Sorvall RC 5C Plus Centrifuge


Biological Instrumentation


1118 Chevron Science Center



The RC5C plus is a superspeed refrigerated centrifuge used in the purification of biological materials including bacterial cell and eukaryotic cell components. The centrifuge is normally operated at 4oC to help preserve biological function. Five rotors are available for the instrument:

  • fiberlite F21 (bioseal), 8x50 mL, 21,000 rpm, 52,400 xg
  • SLA 1500, 6x250 mL, 15,000 rpm, 34,155 xg
  • SLA 600TC, 12x50 mL, 13,000 rpm, 27,750 xg
  • GS-3, 6x500 mL, 9,000 rpm, 13,689 xg
  • fiberlite SLC-4000, 4x1000 mL, 7,000 rpm, 9,220 xg