As of December 1, 2016, the Dietrich School Scientific Stockroom will be supplying the self-service dry ice for the Clapp-Langley-Crawford Complex in addition to the Chemistry Complex.
To purchase dry ice follow these steps:
1. Go to the storage area for dry ice in the A511A Langley Equipment Room; the room combination is 5 (bring the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment containers for your Dry Ice).
2. Safely obtain the amount of product that you need or that is available for withdrawal and secure the storage area to prevent unwanted evaporation.
3. Weigh your dry ice on the available scale.
4. Place an order for the amount of dry ice you obtained. This is required for the tracking and management of these products and how your account will be charged. The cost is $1.43/pound.
a. From any web enabled device, login to Pitt Passport and follow the PantherExpress link to the Dietrich School Scientific Stockroom (DSS) Punchout.
b. If you do not have access to PantherExpress, then note the amount obtained and have your department buyer make the purchase for you.
The PantherExpress System order will be approved by the appropriate account approver by next business day. You will receive an order confirmation, which will be for your records only since you already obtained your product.  


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