Laboratory Instruments

Custom board design in the Electronics Shop
Jim works on a custom design
Electronics Shop board construction and repair
George repairing circuit board
Featured Research: Electronics Shop
Electronics shop builds components for the ATLAS experiment in particle physics
Inventory in the Electronics Shop Details
Jim Buhrman in Crawford Hall
Jim testing a designed circuit.
Repairs in the Electroncs Shop
Chuck repairs a board

The main Electronics Shop is located in Eberly Hall with a satellite in Crawford Hall. The shops ensures the high-quality design, fabrication, and repair of equipment and instrumentation. The Electronics Shop’s staff maintains and repairs a wide variety of equipment. They also can design and construct circuit boards, controllers and interfaces.

There are no labor charges for those in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. You pay the cost of parts only with no over head.

The main Electronics Shop also stocks many electronics and computer parts.  Appropriate decontamination must be completed on all equipment submitted to Arts & Sciences Electronics Shops for maintenance or repair.

When submitting an Electronics Shop Equipment Repair Form, please fill out one form for each piece of equipment. Please print out a copy to accompany the equipment.

Main Shop Location....Eberly Hall room 311

Satellite Location........Crawford Hall room B80

Shop Hours........M-F 7:30-6:00

News & Announcements

Electronics Shop Expansion

The Dietrich School Electronics Shop and Department of Neuroscience Electronics Shop have merged.   We welcome Jim Burhman to the team!