K-C Gloves that would normally go into the trash are recyclable!

RIGHTCYCLE by Kimberly-Clark PROFESSIONAL is an effective green method, it works in five steps:
1.  Product is worn in the lab (gloves)
2.  Non-contaminated gloves are collected in the RIGHTCYCLE container (Empty RIGHTCYCLE) boxes are obtained from the DSS - Stockroom (326 Chevron Science Center).  
3.  The end user lab is required to pay (~$40) for the shipping of the RIGHTCYCLE container.  Please be sure to tape up your box really well, especially on the bottom.  The Chevron loading dock has a scale to weigh the box.  
  a.  The end user obtains a Return Authorization Number from RightCycle.  Please email  for a release number.  The release number RC#### is needed for the carrier to schedule an appointment with Lisa Brown at [TBA] before the delivery. Please put the RightCycle release number, appointment date and time on your BOL for future reference. Ship-To:

KCP RightCycle Program
Phone: 815-886-8122
1401 Normantown Road
Romeoville, IL 60446

  b.  The end user creates a UPS shipment to send out their box.  Talk to your department administrator for information about using to send your box with UPS. Details from our first shipment.  About our first box shipped out 80.5 Lbs,  20 “ x 15.25” x 36.5”  it was not a large package, but required additional handling charges, because it had an actual weight of more than 70 pounds. 

4. Recently people have been required to also provide a Bill of Lading.  Download the Bill of Lading here.  "RC BLANK gloves BOL - For GLOVE RECYCLING" fill it out, print it, then send it along with the package.  (This is in addition to a shipping label.)  

Waste is then processed by a recycling partner
Materials are then integrated into new eco-friendly products


The DSS received the certificate of Environmental Impact Achievement on behalf of the University of Pittsburgh on May 4, 2016.  

For more information contact the DSS or the following:  
Right Cycle boxes shipping 1 (800) 255-6401
Per Brenton Heffernin (678) 367-7164 KC provides identification labels not shipping labels. (E.g., KC gloves).  

Purdue University recycling program proves to be successful  

Innovative Recycling Program Helps Two Midwestern Universities Turn Used Gloves into Eco-Responsible Durable Goods