DSS Stockroom Information

A DSS Stockroom Announcement was Released on May 7, 2015

Don't have Panther Express, click this link for further information  We suggest you also check out the DSS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  

Dry Ice available in the Clapp-Langley-Crawford Complex Announcement - 2016 Dec. 1

External Services and Equipment 

The DSS is solely here for the convenience of our customers, to provide savings and fast delivery time to our end-user community.  The unified DSS opened May 20, 2015.   The DSS sells chemicals, cryogens, and supplies.  We have products from the former Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Physics stockrooms, as well as the Excise Tax Free Ethanol Program all in one stockroom.  We continue to work with our end users and add items to the Stockrooms that help with daily research.  The excellent stockroom team is here to help our customers.  Partnered with Unity Lab Services-Fisher Scientific, the DSS is a PantherExpress System punch-out supplier.  DSS customers can now order from the comfort of their office or lab, then have their supplies delivered directly to their building.  Additionally, the DSS Stockroom is operated with a focus on sustainability.  We consolidate all of our stockroom orders when possible.  We also reuse cardboard boxes and packing material for other shipments.  Through our collective efforts to go GREEN, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save on freight charges and reduce ordering and delivery time. Research Science Savings and Support!