How to Order

Pitt Cyrogenics supplies liquid helium and liquid nitrogen in several Dewar formats to researchers in the Dietrich School.  Please allow at least one full business day for nitrogen orders and two full business days for helium.   Any liquid helium returned in a Dewar will be credited with a full refund of the purchase cost.  Questions and issues may be directed to  Are you allowed to order from Pitt Cryogenics?  Find out!  Contact us

Orders should be placed through our online order form.  Our current Dewar options are shown below.

Part Number Product Volume Description Pressure rating Matheson Equivalent
LHe-60L Helium 60 L

Liquid Withdrawal

22 psi


LHe-100L Helium 100 L Liquid Withdrawal (special wide neck Dewars available upon request) 22 psi HELIT100
LN2-100L Nitrogen 100 L Liquid Withdrawal 22 psi NILIT100
LN2-160L-HP Nitrogen 160 L Gas Withdrawal 300 psi NIL3648
LN2-240L Nitrogen 240 L Liquid Withdrawal 22 psi NILIT240


Due to price increases from Matheson, as of Jan 1, 2019 our prices are $10.40 per liter (up from $10) for all helium sold or returned, and $0.3349 per liter (up from $0.3215) of nitrogen.   Prices are subject to change.