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University of Pittsburgh Facilities

Nanoscale Fabrication and Characterization Facility (NFCF)- located in the subbasement of Benedum Hall, this facility provides access to class 100, 1000, and 10,000 clean rooms and a wide array of fabrication and characterization techniques to the PITT community on a fee for use basis. Interested students are required to complete formal training prior to having access to the facility.
Dietrich School Microscopy & Imaging Facility
Center for Biologic Imaging (CBI)- the CBI is a state of the art imaging center under the direction of Prof. Simon Watkins. The CBI maintains a large number of confocal microscopes (both scanning and spinning disk), multi-photon microscopes, JEOL JEM 1011 and 1210 TEMS, a JEOL 6225F field emission SEM, and a wide variety of optical microscopes and sample preparation facilities. The CBI is located in the School of Medicine.
Materials Micro-Characterization Laboratory (MMCL)- Located in the School of Engineering within Benedum Hall, the MMCL includes the TEM facilities listed above, a Philips XL-30 field emission SEM with EDS capabilities, a Digital Instruments 3100 AFM, a Hysitron Tribo-Scope, and two Philips X'pert X-ray diffraction systems with temperature control capabilities.
Dietrich School Mass Spectrometry Facility
Dietrich School Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility
Dietrich School X-ray Crystallography Facility

Pittsburgh Area Facilities and Resources

National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)- a DOE national laboratory conducting R&D in support of domestic coal, natural gas, and petroleum production. The on-site research facilities offered by NETL are diverse and numerous, with a detailed description here.
Carnegie Mellon University, Center for Molecular Analysis- this laboratory, located in the Mellon Institute building, houses the major shared research instrumentation of the CMU Department of Chemistry. Instruments available include a 500 and 300 MHz NMR, MADLI-ToF and LC-MS mass spectrometer, a circular dichroism spectrophotometer, as well as FTIR, NIR, and UV-vis spectrophotometers.
Bayer Materials Science AG - the corporate headquarters of Bayer Materials Science AG is located in Pittsburgh.

Extended Regional Resources

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
Brookhaven National Laboratory (BHNL)


American Chemical Society
American Physical Society
Materials Research Society
Society for Biomaterials