Crystallography Gallery

Hydrogen-bonded hexamer from the Andrew D. Hamilton research group.

Conjugated polymer composed of alternating organic and Tungsten Metal subunits from the Michael Hopkins Group.Click here at your own risk. 

Crystal structure of Ag4[westiellamide]2 complex. The second picture shows the uncomplexed westiellamide cyclopeptide. From the Peter Wipf group.

Manganese dianion, synthesized by the John Cooper group via a thermal [2+2]cyclodimerization of the monoanion Mn(C6H6)(CO)3.

The chirality of this Oppolzer's camphor sultam derivative, produced by Dennis Curran and co-workers, was confirmed via anomalous dispersion.

Craig Wilcox and co-worker synthesized this and related esters with unique crystallographically observed edge-to-face interactions. 

Paul Dowd and co-workers synthesized this compound for studies on the Mechanism of action of Vitamin K.