DSS COVID Safe pickup and cryogenics self service

DSS COVID-safe Customer SOP


DSS availability to order.

Current guidelines from the CFO, purchasing, and SVCOR require that stockroom sales only be allowed for those who have been given approval to reopen research.  Rest assured that as soon as we are notified that we are allowed to process your orders we will be ready to do so.  We will be open during our normal business hours to serve you as soon as this is the case.


Self-serve cryogenics

  • All dry ice and liquid nitrogen distribution will remain self-service. 
  • All customers should wear masks at all times while retrieving cryogenics.
  • During normal business hours, both the liquid nitrogen and dry ice will be moved to the elevator lobby to enable social distancing measures.
  • There we be enough space for one to obtain both dry ice and one person to obtain liquid nitrogen simultaneously.  If someone is already obtaining your desired cryogen, please consider coming back to get it in a few minutes.
  • Customers should use the provided disinfectant and paper towels to wipe disinfect the dry ice lid, the handle on the dry ice crusher, and the liquid nitrogen valve both before and after use
  • Customers should make sure to dispose of paper towel inside the trash can.
  • When weighing dry ice on the scale customers should be cognizant of any customers waiting to pick up packages in the hallway and wait for them to leave before using the scale.  Only one customer at a time is allowed in the hallway.
  • No customer should plan on spending more than 5 minutes obtaining cryogenics at one time.

DSS customer package and order pickup

  • In order to maintain a 6 foot social distance and minimize the chance of cross infection for our staff and customers the DSS is implementing the following SOP for customers picking up packages and orders.
  • All customers and staff should wear masks at all times. Face coverings are worn as a courtesy to mitigate asymptomatic individuals from unknowingly transmitting the virus. They are not PPE and do not negate the need to practice social distancing and other mitigation measures.
  • No customers will be allowed in stockroom 326 space.  A single person at a time should enter the hallway leading to 326 and wait at the door to be assisted.  The stockroom staff will bring your order into the hallway from the room for you.  If there is someone already in the hallway please be patient and consider coming back to pick up your order shortly.
  • For large orders, customers should bring their own carts to take the orders back to their labs.
  • During this time, customers will not be required to sign for package or order pickups.  Our team will log who picked up the order or package and when and log it in our system for you.
  • No customer should plan on spending more than 5 minutes picking up their orders or packages at one time