Instrument: Nikon A1R-HD Inverted Confocal Microscope with TIRF


Microscopy and Imaging


A101 Langley



This laser scanning confocal is built upon a Nikon inverted microscope platform.  It utilizes Nikon's new ultra-fast resonant scanner as well as an adjustable speed high resolution galvano scanner.  Both are housed in a hybrid scan head enabling simultaneous use or fast switching between them.  This system has a TIRF system (total internal reflectance fluorescence) which incorporates a new generation Photometrics sCMOS camera utilizing backside illumination sensors.  This camera permits fast and efficient image collection for TIRF and epi-fluorescence imaging.  The microscope's stage houses an INU environmental control chamber.  There are also inserts for imaging slides, dishes, and multiple well microplates.

Objectives: 10x air; 20x air; 40x oil; 60x oil; 100x oil

Lasers (nm): 405; 445; 488; 515; 561; 640