Throwback: Glassblower Lori Neu

I blow glass because I cant type, joked Neu, who has worked as a scientific glassblower for 20 years, most recently at Kodak in Rochester, N.Y., before arriving at Pitt last September.  To demonstrate, she invites visitors to her glass shop on the fifth floor of Allen Hall to try their hand at blowing a glass bubble usually making her point with shattering clarity.  I think all scientific glassblowers would like to work at a university someday, she said.  Among the work shes undertaken recently is the fabrication of tiny glass shields for Carnegie Mellon University researchers who are working on a robot that performs minimally invasive surgery. 

Glassblower Lori Neu in a February 22, 2007 University Times Making Pitt Work article.  ​The full article is available online.

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