Pete presents at Allegheny Conference Meet of Society or Research Administrators

Local SRA International Meeting

Pete was invited to talk at the 2019 Chapter Meeting schedule to take place at the Herberman Conference Center in the Shady Side Medical Building in Pittsburgh, PA on May 10.  His talk is entitled "Shared Research Support Services: Case Studies in Centralized Core Services".

Shared Research Support Services is a group of core scientific facilities within the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. Our organization grew out of the consolidation of thirteen core facilities previously housed across five academic departments. In this session, we will examine two case studies in our efforts to consolidate specialized core services across the school; the consolidation of our research stockrooms and the creation of Pitt Cryogenics, our helium recovery, and recycling operation.

Content Level: Advanced

Learning Objectives:

Understand the benefits and challenges centralization of specialized research cores, and learn techniques for mitigating those challenges
Identify key areas of creating centralized specialized research core including creating buy-in, organizational development, fiscal modeling and branding, and marketing

Speaker(s): Pete Chambers, Director of Shared Research Support Services for the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences, University of Pittsburgh


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