Department of Chemistry Champions of Safety

Panther Award Frame

Inaugural winners of The Department of Chemistry Champions of Safety recognition.

On behalf of the Department of Chemistry Safety Committee and the University of Pittsburgh Department of Environmental Health and Safety, the Dietrich School Scientific Stockroom (DSS) received the “2015 EH&S Panther Prize” in recognition of development and implementation of practices with potential for positive EH&S impact throughout the Department of Chemistry or the entire campus.

Back-up compressed gas cylinders stored off the Chevron Science Center dock, which minimizes the need to maintain extra cylinders in each Chevron lab; and adding a returnable ammonia gas cylinder and regulator rental to minimize the need for multiple ammonia gas lecture bottles in the building.  The returnable cylinder, for example, eliminates disposal costs associated with these lecture bottles.  

We see this award as an acknowledgment of the significant efforts we make and continue to make on behalf of better safety practices within the Department of Chemistry and University of Pittsburgh research community.