Work Request Form

Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences Safety Guidelines

Subject: Guidelines for Decontamination of Equipment Submitted for Repair or Maintenance
(includes Decontamination Certification Form)
Effective Date: 5-10-2018

Appropriate decontamination must be completed on all equipment submitted to any Dietrich School Shop for maintenance or repair.  At time of submission, a printed and completed Decontamination Certification/ Work Request Form (at bottom of page) must be attached to the equipment before it can be transported to the shop.  Equipment that has come in contact with hazardous chemicals, biological materials, or radioactive materials must be properly decontaminated prior to submission for repair or maintenance. 

Biological Materials

Please review University of Pittsburgh Safety Manual, EH&S Guideline Number: 03-011, Guidelines for Moving Equipment Form Biological Laboratories.  The guideline provides instructions for decontamination of laboratory equipment used to handle or store biological materials.

Hazardous Chemicals

Clean up and removal of hazardous materials, e.g., contaminated hydraulic fluids, mercury, flammable solvents, PCB containing materials, etc., must be completed before submitting equipment to any Dietrich School Shop.  Electronic copies of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for chemicals that are used in the equipment should also be provided when equipment is submitted for repairs or modifications.

Radioactive Materials

The University of Pittsburgh Radiation Safety Office (412-624-2728) must clear radiation producing equipment or radioactive materials. 

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