Electronics Shop COVID SOP

Electronics Shop COVID Mitigation Plan

Social Distancing

Staff Scheduling / Physical separation

In phase 1 Electronics shop personnel will split into three teams 

Team 1 311 Eberly Hall

Return first week

Team 2 311 Eberly Hall

Return second week

Team 3 B80 Crawford Return first week

Chuck Fleishaker

George Zuk

Joseph Begley

David Emala

James McNerney


Lin Yao





Teams 1 and 2 will access the main shop area and work alternate weeks. Equipment for repair or construction will be assigned to each person and placed at a predesignated location near their work area. Upon their exit, they will disinfect all areas from possible contamination with approved solutions.  Team 3 will be restricted to the Electronics Shop in B80 Crawford. If team 3 needs anything from the main shop, teams 1 and 2 will place the items outside of the door on the table. Room 306 will be occupied by one person at a time. There will be a sign stating occupied or unoccupied. Delineation post will be place at each work bench and stock area.

All personal will be required to remain six feet apart at all times.

Staff will sign in and out of the shop on their individual form.

User / Customer contact

Access to the Electronics shop to non-Electronics shop personnel will be prohibited. 

Any equipment to be repaired or picked up will be left outside the main shop door and at a prearranged time to minimize contact between shop personnel and customers and among customers. The table will be sanitized before and after pickup.

All consultations whenever possible will be done remotely.

Working outside of the shop will be limited to absolute necessity. i.e. gas sensors and social distancing will be used in these cases.

PPE requirements

                Mask use

All staff will wear self-supplied or University-provided barrier or cloth masks at all times, including to and from work and in areas outside the main shop.

Face coverings are worn as a courtesy to mitigate asymptomatic individuals from unknowingly transmitting the virus. They are not PPE and do not negate the need to practice social distancing and other mitigation measures.

Other PPE

Safety glasses will continue to be required when necessary.

Gloves will be worn during cleaning and disinfecting procedures and as necessary while working on equipment.

Hygiene / Disinfecting

                Hygiene Practices

All staff will wash hands before and after using shared equipment for at least twenty seconds.  Staff will wash their hands at least once an hour.

Staff will avoid touching their face.

Staff will sneeze or cough into their elbows.

                Cleaning and disinfecting

All common equipment will be disinfected with approved solutions both before and after use.  Staff will wear gloves while cleaning equipment and as necessary while working on equipment.

COVID response

                Suspected or Confirmed Case of COVID-19

If an employee exhibits COVID-19 symptoms or has a positive COVID-19 test result, employee to contact MyHealth@Work (412-647-4949) per existing guidance. If the individual has received a positive test result, they will contact Pete Chambers, who will contact Ted Fritz or Jay Frerotte.

The sick individual is not obligated or advised to contact coworkers about their symptoms or a positive result. MyHealth@Work will determine what contact tracing may need to be done following guidance from local, state and federal health authorities.

Working spaces or zones occupied by the potentially infected individual will be closed for the time period required by the University of Pittsburgh Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Infected personnel will self-quarantine as required by the EOC (https://www.emergency.pitt.edu/) and not return to campus until they have been medically cleared.

Individuals who worked directly with the potentially infected person will self-quarantine as required by the EOC.

Completed projects, portable equipment, and supplies (e.g., notebook computers, portable drives) will not be removed until disinfected or deemed safe for removal.

Staff sign off

All staff are required to acknowledge that they have read this document and abide by its contents.

All staff are required ensure the safety of all members of the team.  


Any issues in instituting this plan should be reported up to Pete Chambers.   If a response is not received within two days, issues will be reported to Adam Leibovich.