COVID-19 Mitigation PPE and Supplies

PPE & COVID-19 Mitigation Supplies for Research Update (September 25, 2020) from PantherExpressCommunications

Effective October 1, research areas should begin charging the full cost of PPE and COVID-19 mitigation supplies to grant accounts. Due to the limited supply chain, the University will continue to purchase PPE and COVID-19 mitigation supplies in bulk that have been difficult to obtain. These supplies will continue to be available for departments to purchase for research/clinical use through the Dietrich School Stockroom (DSS) at regular DSS pricing as well as the standard delivery fee of $5.

For those areas which have grants that do not normally utilize PPE for their research, but will incur such costs due to COVID-19, the costs should be charged to operating (non-research) accounts. A process to request reimbursement for such costs from central University funds is available on the CFO Sharepoint site. Directors of Administration should consult with their Associate Dean for Research to determine the research group(s) to which this applies. 

Visit the PantherExpress website for more information about purchasing PPE and general COVID-19 mitigation supplies.  

If you have any questions about funding for PPE, please reference the CFO Sharepoint site.

COVID Mitigation PPE and Supplies Item Catalog (pdf) -- 

Critical Plastics Shortage

The Plastics are in the catalog with COVID mitigation PPE and supplies.

The University of Pittsburgh PantherExpress Purchasing Services, and DSS Stockroom are working with ThermoFisher Scientific to find the plastics critical to research.  Please use the pdf catalog and excel spreadsheet links below to see the special plastics we have available for University researchers to buy from the DSS Stockroom (Updated January 2021.)  

If the Fisherbrand universal fit pipet tips stocked do not work with your pipettors we recommend contacting Heather Bell for recommendations on pipettors they work with.  


UPDATED October 1, 2020.

Please continue to check this website for regular updates to information and inventory.  

Folks should be reasonable and only order supplies for immediate use within the current month at most. 
We will have items continually available for the entire extended Oakland university campus.  


How to Order COVID-19 Mitigation PPE and Supplies --


What is currently available from the DSS Stockroom (Excel) --

COVID Mitigation PPE and Supplies Item Catalog (pdf) --

Please note:

  • Cases of item number PRTU242101 "SURFACE CLEANER & DISINFECTANT Ready To Use 32OZ PEROXIGUARD" come with 12 bottles and two trigger sprayers.   
  • Gloves are for use while disinfecting work areas.  
  • PCON242305 Peroxigard®  Concentrate Surface Cleaner requires dilution: from the label 1:16 dilution, 5 Minutes to destroy a virus, see label for complete details.
  • Peroxiguard and PREempt are Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) disinfectants for most surfaces, but not computer keyboards and telephones. 

  • Cavicide is a Quaternary 2-Propanol (Quad IPA) disinfectant that can be used on computer keyboards and telephones.  


The University will only ship mitigation PPE and Supplies to a location that has personnel to take delivery, and locations must be:
1) University-owned space that is approved for occupancy by Facilities Management,
2) UPMC-owned space that is approved for occupancy by UPMC and the Office of Space Management, Health Sciences or
3) Leased space approved for occupancy by the Department of Campus Planning, Design and Real Estate.


Pandemic Preparedness For Researchers --

PantherExpress Announcement --

For disinfecting surfaces the university has recommendations. Please visit this Pitt EH&S website for the best information:  

Choosing an Appropriate Disinfectant: Guidance for Laboratories and Non-laboratory Settings --

SDS -- Safety Data Sheets

Peroxigard RTU SDS (ENG) --

PREempt RTU SDS (Search = 21101   Language = English   Region = North America) --

Cavicide SDS --

Regional Campuses:

Contact the purchasing office at the Regional Campus.  Those offices will have information from the Pitt CFO and Pitt Purchasing Services offices.

Stress Relief:

DSS Main Page --

(412) 624-8551  

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